Soul Mates – What Are They?


Soul Mates – What Are They and Where Did They Originate

Soul Mates are part of your soul grouping – or soul family. They may derive from the original ray or soul fabric/family from which you were created, but they can also come from past life experiences in which you have formed a bond. As you evolve in this dimension, there are many soul mates who agree to act as divine mirrors. They have the ability to contain and reflect back to you both your shadow and your light, and as much of the divine Twin Flame energetic essence, or consciousness and love as you, yourself contain.
They play any number of roles for you to assist your own soul growth; roles of lovers or partners, family members, friends, and enemies, and so on.

Soul Mates – Purpose

You are the only real person in your play and soul mates will faithfully reflect back to you what you are or those things upon which you hold a judgment. They assist you to become consciously one with your Christ-self (also referred to as your higher mental body) and your I AM Presence (also referred to as your God Self.) In so achieving this at-one-ment, you can move beyond the duality dramas into the Unity of the Twin Flame. Soul Mates act as the means or catalyst by which you evolve as a soul.

Finding Balance

Your evolution ultimately drives you to balance and merge the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within yourself so you can become a responsible co-creator within this vibratory realm. This is then reflected in your harmonious creations through your thoughts and feelings, your intention and your attention. Your own gifts and talents expand to serve in larger ways. You will begin to see every Soul Mate and All That Is, in fact, as your Divine Lover — as your Twin Flame. Your evolution leads you to one goal and that is to LOVE GOD, which is Omnipresent, In All That Is. Even your Twin Flame is but you as God in your complementary energy. This is romancing The One and The One is God.

In order for your merger to take place with larger expressions of your Twin Flame Essence in a physical form, you must raise and sustain the frequency or vibration of love to calibrate the physical body to the unity consciousness.

Soul Mates Act as Mirrors

Unity consciousness is reflected in the symbols of your world when you begin to embrace all expressions of God in its myriad forms as valued, respected, loved, and honored parts of yourself. Then what you are vibrationally at the core of your being magnetically attracts what you are as the symbols in your world.

And, the symbol of your expanded love can then appear as the reflection through a Soul Mate or Twin Soul who can hold the same resonance.

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Twin Souls – What Are They?


Your Twin Soul is Part of Your Twin Flame Energy

So, “What is a Twin Soul,” you ask? “Is it The One, my One True Love, my Soul Mate, my Twin Flame?”

Your Twin Soul is an aspect of your Twin Flame energy that came down in its refinement through the different levels of vibration into dense physicality. Though it represents the wholeness, in the astral level, it chose to split into physical genders of the masculine and feminine parts of yourself. Usually one of these split halves remains in non-physicality to guide and prompt the other half who incarnates. Those who are connecting with their Twin Flame in the dream world or etheric plane are actually connecting with this distilled aspect of the Twin Flame called a Twin Soul. It is, however, still a powerful aspect of your Twin Flame Essence.

Do Twin Souls Ever Unite on Earth?

There have been Twin Souls who have joined in the physical and as more humans are rising into Christ Consciousness, more are doing so now during this particularly powerful cosmological shift of energies which reaches an apex in 2012.

Those who do join together are doing so for the purpose of providing a great service to humanity rather than the projected high drama romance most people think about when they hear the words “Twin Flames,” “Twin Souls,” or “Soul Mates.”

Twin Souls Joining on Earth Presents a Challenge

Joining physically with a Twin Soul, Twin Flame aspect is a challenge, for it absolutely, without fail, forces everything that would obstruct love to the surface. If divine love is not held as the matrix of the relationship, or if the ego holds sway, the relationship will be blasted apart in a big hurry. There is a very important underlying reason for this that is explained in more detail throughout all of my expanded work.

I hope you enjoyed this article, What is a Twin Soul? Look for my complementary articles, What is a Twin Flame? and What is a Soul Mate?

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What Are Twin Flames?

What Are Twin Flames?

Searching for the one, your one true love, ultimately leads you to the concept of a Soul Mate. And digging deeper, that concept inexorably directs you to the subject of Twin Flames. But, what are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames Were Birthed From First Division of God

Twin Flames were born from the very first division of the Source, the Father/Mother God — the “I AM.” They exist as a never-ending, unique, individualized expression of the Source that contains the two primal forces of creation, before there was ever any kind of separation in consciousness to see or recognize itself in the mirror image of the other.

Two Primal Forces of Creation

The Divine Masculine Principle, with its positive charge, is a force of energy in motion; a driving force of momentum, thrusting forth to explore itself. The Divine Feminine Principle, with its negative charge, is the ocean of love in unformed potential; the stillness, the void which is both the container as well as the substance of Love into which the Masculine Principle impregnates its energy.

Cosmic Twin Flame

This first division contains the Cosmic Expression of your Twin Flame Essence and it is indeed vast. It is so enormous in scale that it includes limitless universes and countless expressions of life. And, just as the Father/Mother God, your Cosmic Twin Flame being also contemplated itself and wanted to explore itself through reflection.

Fractal Expressions

So, it began to express fractals of itself through different frequencies or vibrations of the light from the highest vibration of Love in the “Ongoing Moment of Creation” all the way to that which you now experience in this little fragment of who you are here on Planet Earth.

The tiny fractal of your multidimensional being you call yourself is currently evolving in the slowest and most dense frequency. This minute part of you is vibrationally incapable of holding the full essence of what you are as a Cosmic Twin Flame. It would blow up or short circuit in the same way an appliance wired for 110 volts of electricity would if it were to receive 1000 volts.

The Twin Flame Split – Twin Souls

Before part of you could experience the slowest and densest vibrations within the vast range of frequencies, it was necessary for the Twin Flame to split in consciousness.

This first split became known as Twin Souls and was the initiation of Gender. This split was a function of dismantling the instantaneous creative power of the Twin Flame.

However, even in the split, the force which carried a primary masculine charge still contained the seed of the feminine, and that which was the primary feminine charge still contained the seed of the masculine. In truth, these primary forces of creation cannot exist without the other. You have seen this demonstrated in the symbol of the Yin / Yang.

Separation Consciousness and What It Achieved

This split in consciousness took place not only between Twin Flames, but also on a larger scale, creating a separation consciousness from all our Soul Mates and, in fact, from our Source. The split achieved several things:

1) It allowed for the divine education of our co-creative faculties in the lower realms of vibration of duality in which we could learn and expand from contrast in a safe-haven of time and space, and
2) The Separation created a cosmic safety net wherein the instantaneous atomic co-creative power of the Twin Flame would not be misused during that education.

Growth Through Separation Consciousness in a Field of Contrast

You have experienced much expansion in the evolutionary cycles within this density of contrast and duality. You knew the many contrasts offered by your relationships with people, conditions, places and things would provide the swiftest education to hone your creative faculties to serve your highest good.

In this field of contrast you agreed to play every role, sinner and saint, hero and villain, reincarnating in both genders many times as you learned to balance the two primal forces of creation within. Each experience provided a broader expansion of your God-self.

Without these comparative experiences you would not be able to comprehend the value of the expanded understanding within yourself.

Are Soul Mates the Same as Twin Flames?

Soul Mates have the potential of reflecting the Twin Flame energy back to you, but they are not the Twin Flame. To learn more, you may wish to explore my work further by visiting

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Where Do Soul Mates and Twin Flames Come From?

Where Do Soul Mates and Twin Flames Come From?

God Expansion and Reflection

IN THE BEGINNING…(at least the beginning of our understanding as drawn from many ancient texts,) that which we consider to be the Source of All Creation, or God, contemplated itself and desired to know itself through reflection. This thought drew forth a surge of power or Consciousness the size of a universe.
As this bolt of energy moved upon the limitless Ocean of Love which it was, the great sea of love began to react and whirl and whirl around the thought until a great vortex opened up. The love, as it swirled around, was inexorably drawn into the center of the vortex with such force that it fused with the lightning bolt, the will, the thought, the Consciousness of the Source.

Fusion of Love and Consciousness

From this fusion of Love and Consciousness, massive amounts of holographic energy were emitted in the form of individualized expressions of the Source; each containing the exact blueprint of the Source. These individualized expressions contain the same two Primal Forces of Creation: The first being the Divine Feminine principle — the Ocean of Love in unformed, limitless potential — a force with a negative charge, and: The second, the Divine Masculine principle — the lightning strike, the will, the thought, the Consciousness — a force with a positive charge.

The Ongoing Moment of Creation

This Moment of Creation, or first division, is still happening. In spiritual terms it has been called The Ongoing Moment of Creation, and in the language of science, it has been termed The Big Bang.

Twin Rays

From this fusion the Light, (the first expression of Love in Motion,) split into twelve fractals called the Great Rays. This could be compared to light passing through a prism and breaking into visible color rays that surround the Ongoing Moment of Creation. Each ray, or fractal of light, took on a specific quality or vibration.

Twin Flames – God Omnipresent

Contained within each ray are limitless individualized expressions of the Father/Mother God, described in ancient documents as Twin Flames.
These two complementary forces are everywhere present; God omnipresent, expanding and expressing itself in every creation from universes, suns, and planets, to the life forms that live upon those planets, including every human, animal, plant, cell, and atom, ad infinitum. In a hologram there is no end! Every part contains the whole blueprint.

This is the same holographic principle as the universe of your biological body from which a single cell or a hair from your head can literally reveal the full identity of that individualized expression of God called YOU!

Are Twin Flames, Twin Souls, and Soul Mates the same thing?

Twin Flames, Twin Souls, and Soul Mates, though related and originating from the same Source, do not represent the same relationship.

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The One, Your Soul Mate, Your Twin Flame – Introduction

The One, Your Soul Mate, Your Twin Flame – Introduction

Hunting for Love in All the Wrong Places

Have you been hunting for true love your whole life? Searching desperately for The One, your Soul Mate, your Twin Flame? You needn’t have a broken heart, feel lonely or be alone anymore!

It doesn’t matter if your past relationships have failed or if your current one feels empty. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, what kind of shape your body’s in, how much money you make, how much education you have, or if you’ve been wasting your time and precious funds posting false profiles on the internet dating services. These are just stories and your story does not define who you really are or what happens next.

With a simple shift in consciousness from the ego to the heart, you can attract true romance, and an enduring feeling of passion and affection in the love relationship you genuinely desire.

Been On the Wrong Road?

If you suddenly discovered every hope you’ve ever had about love is true – BUT the way you’ve understood love has actually led you on a road away from it, would you be willing to switch roads?

I’m going to show you how to broaden your love horizon. I’m going to tell you

• Why you haven’t found or sustained the kind of love and passion of which you’ve always dreamed
• Why the intense longing for your soul mate has been magnified in the last few years
• Why you feel so incomplete.
• And… How you can actually begin to attract true love and the soul mate of your dreams

Saving Years of Frustration

Let me save you years of frustration, embarrassment and the futility that results from projecting your ego’s false interpretation of love onto another. I’ll help you learn the truth about natural laws you can EASILY use to heal the broken heart and attract the genuine, unconditional love you really want.

Once you apply these simple laws you’ll QUICKLY prove the truth for yourself.
You too can accomplish this transformation in consciousness. It doesn’t take years of study and initiations, nor does it require belonging to any organization or spending a fortune. You can get on the right path now and realize the same results. The shift is as easy as a choice, but you can’t make coherent choices based on faulty information.

Let me help you initiate this change in consciousness by first clearing up ego’s misinterpretations about love and holy relationships. I have written a series of articles, (also available as videos) to answer your most pressing questions. This is not a dating course, but rather, an in depth study of the source of failed relationships. These articles will assist you on your inner journey from understanding your longing for the ultimate relationship, to becoming that for which you long.

For more information, you can access my FREE mini-video course RIGHT NOW. In these you’ll learn the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Twin Flames, Twin Souls & Soul Mates. Just click the link below.

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