Soul Mates – What Are They?


Soul Mates – What Are They and Where Did They Originate

Soul Mates are part of your soul grouping – or soul family. They may derive from the original ray or soul fabric/family from which you were created, but they can also come from past life experiences in which you have formed a bond. As you evolve in this dimension, there are many soul mates who agree to act as divine mirrors. They have the ability to contain and reflect back to you both your shadow and your light, and as much of the divine Twin Flame energetic essence, or consciousness and love as you, yourself contain.
They play any number of roles for you to assist your own soul growth; roles of lovers or partners, family members, friends, and enemies, and so on.

Soul Mates – Purpose

You are the only real person in your play and soul mates will faithfully reflect back to you what you are or those things upon which you hold a judgment. They assist you to become consciously one with your Christ-self (also referred to as your higher mental body) and your I AM Presence (also referred to as your God Self.) In so achieving this at-one-ment, you can move beyond the duality dramas into the Unity of the Twin Flame. Soul Mates act as the means or catalyst by which you evolve as a soul.

Finding Balance

Your evolution ultimately drives you to balance and merge the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within yourself so you can become a responsible co-creator within this vibratory realm. This is then reflected in your harmonious creations through your thoughts and feelings, your intention and your attention. Your own gifts and talents expand to serve in larger ways. You will begin to see every Soul Mate and All That Is, in fact, as your Divine Lover — as your Twin Flame. Your evolution leads you to one goal and that is to LOVE GOD, which is Omnipresent, In All That Is. Even your Twin Flame is but you as God in your complementary energy. This is romancing The One and The One is God.

In order for your merger to take place with larger expressions of your Twin Flame Essence in a physical form, you must raise and sustain the frequency or vibration of love to calibrate the physical body to the unity consciousness.

Soul Mates Act as Mirrors

Unity consciousness is reflected in the symbols of your world when you begin to embrace all expressions of God in its myriad forms as valued, respected, loved, and honored parts of yourself. Then what you are vibrationally at the core of your being magnetically attracts what you are as the symbols in your world.

And, the symbol of your expanded love can then appear as the reflection through a Soul Mate or Twin Soul who can hold the same resonance.

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