Twin Souls – What Are They?


Your Twin Soul is Part of Your Twin Flame Energy

So, “What is a Twin Soul,” you ask? “Is it The One, my One True Love, my Soul Mate, my Twin Flame?”

Your Twin Soul is an aspect of your Twin Flame energy that came down in its refinement through the different levels of vibration into dense physicality. Though it represents the wholeness, in the astral level, it chose to split into physical genders of the masculine and feminine parts of yourself. Usually one of these split halves remains in non-physicality to guide and prompt the other half who incarnates. Those who are connecting with their Twin Flame in the dream world or etheric plane are actually connecting with this distilled aspect of the Twin Flame called a Twin Soul. It is, however, still a powerful aspect of your Twin Flame Essence.

Do Twin Souls Ever Unite on Earth?

There have been Twin Souls who have joined in the physical and as more humans are rising into Christ Consciousness, more are doing so now during this particularly powerful cosmological shift of energies which reaches an apex in 2012.

Those who do join together are doing so for the purpose of providing a great service to humanity rather than the projected high drama romance most people think about when they hear the words “Twin Flames,” “Twin Souls,” or “Soul Mates.”

Twin Souls Joining on Earth Presents a Challenge

Joining physically with a Twin Soul, Twin Flame aspect is a challenge, for it absolutely, without fail, forces everything that would obstruct love to the surface. If divine love is not held as the matrix of the relationship, or if the ego holds sway, the relationship will be blasted apart in a big hurry. There is a very important underlying reason for this that is explained in more detail throughout all of my expanded work.

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