What Are Twin Flames?

What Are Twin Flames?

Searching for the one, your one true love, ultimately leads you to the concept of a Soul Mate. And digging deeper, that concept inexorably directs you to the subject of Twin Flames. But, what are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames Were Birthed From First Division of God

Twin Flames were born from the very first division of the Source, the Father/Mother God — the “I AM.” They exist as a never-ending, unique, individualized expression of the Source that contains the two primal forces of creation, before there was ever any kind of separation in consciousness to see or recognize itself in the mirror image of the other.

Two Primal Forces of Creation

The Divine Masculine Principle, with its positive charge, is a force of energy in motion; a driving force of momentum, thrusting forth to explore itself. The Divine Feminine Principle, with its negative charge, is the ocean of love in unformed potential; the stillness, the void which is both the container as well as the substance of Love into which the Masculine Principle impregnates its energy.

Cosmic Twin Flame

This first division contains the Cosmic Expression of your Twin Flame Essence and it is indeed vast. It is so enormous in scale that it includes limitless universes and countless expressions of life. And, just as the Father/Mother God, your Cosmic Twin Flame being also contemplated itself and wanted to explore itself through reflection.

Fractal Expressions

So, it began to express fractals of itself through different frequencies or vibrations of the light from the highest vibration of Love in the “Ongoing Moment of Creation” all the way to that which you now experience in this little fragment of who you are here on Planet Earth.

The tiny fractal of your multidimensional being you call yourself is currently evolving in the slowest and most dense frequency. This minute part of you is vibrationally incapable of holding the full essence of what you are as a Cosmic Twin Flame. It would blow up or short circuit in the same way an appliance wired for 110 volts of electricity would if it were to receive 1000 volts.

The Twin Flame Split – Twin Souls

Before part of you could experience the slowest and densest vibrations within the vast range of frequencies, it was necessary for the Twin Flame to split in consciousness.

This first split became known as Twin Souls and was the initiation of Gender. This split was a function of dismantling the instantaneous creative power of the Twin Flame.

However, even in the split, the force which carried a primary masculine charge still contained the seed of the feminine, and that which was the primary feminine charge still contained the seed of the masculine. In truth, these primary forces of creation cannot exist without the other. You have seen this demonstrated in the symbol of the Yin / Yang.

Separation Consciousness and What It Achieved

This split in consciousness took place not only between Twin Flames, but also on a larger scale, creating a separation consciousness from all our Soul Mates and, in fact, from our Source. The split achieved several things:

1) It allowed for the divine education of our co-creative faculties in the lower realms of vibration of duality in which we could learn and expand from contrast in a safe-haven of time and space, and
2) The Separation created a cosmic safety net wherein the instantaneous atomic co-creative power of the Twin Flame would not be misused during that education.

Growth Through Separation Consciousness in a Field of Contrast

You have experienced much expansion in the evolutionary cycles within this density of contrast and duality. You knew the many contrasts offered by your relationships with people, conditions, places and things would provide the swiftest education to hone your creative faculties to serve your highest good.

In this field of contrast you agreed to play every role, sinner and saint, hero and villain, reincarnating in both genders many times as you learned to balance the two primal forces of creation within. Each experience provided a broader expansion of your God-self.

Without these comparative experiences you would not be able to comprehend the value of the expanded understanding within yourself.

Are Soul Mates the Same as Twin Flames?

Soul Mates have the potential of reflecting the Twin Flame energy back to you, but they are not the Twin Flame. To learn more, you may wish to explore my work further by visiting http://www.twinflametruelove.com

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