Where Do Soul Mates and Twin Flames Come From?

Where Do Soul Mates and Twin Flames Come From?

God Expansion and Reflection

IN THE BEGINNING…(at least the beginning of our understanding as drawn from many ancient texts,) that which we consider to be the Source of All Creation, or God, contemplated itself and desired to know itself through reflection. This thought drew forth a surge of power or Consciousness the size of a universe.
As this bolt of energy moved upon the limitless Ocean of Love which it was, the great sea of love began to react and whirl and whirl around the thought until a great vortex opened up. The love, as it swirled around, was inexorably drawn into the center of the vortex with such force that it fused with the lightning bolt, the will, the thought, the Consciousness of the Source.

Fusion of Love and Consciousness

From this fusion of Love and Consciousness, massive amounts of holographic energy were emitted in the form of individualized expressions of the Source; each containing the exact blueprint of the Source. These individualized expressions contain the same two Primal Forces of Creation: The first being the Divine Feminine principle — the Ocean of Love in unformed, limitless potential — a force with a negative charge, and: The second, the Divine Masculine principle — the lightning strike, the will, the thought, the Consciousness — a force with a positive charge.

The Ongoing Moment of Creation

This Moment of Creation, or first division, is still happening. In spiritual terms it has been called The Ongoing Moment of Creation, and in the language of science, it has been termed The Big Bang.

Twin Rays

From this fusion the Light, (the first expression of Love in Motion,) split into twelve fractals called the Great Rays. This could be compared to light passing through a prism and breaking into visible color rays that surround the Ongoing Moment of Creation. Each ray, or fractal of light, took on a specific quality or vibration.

Twin Flames – God Omnipresent

Contained within each ray are limitless individualized expressions of the Father/Mother God, described in ancient documents as Twin Flames.
These two complementary forces are everywhere present; God omnipresent, expanding and expressing itself in every creation from universes, suns, and planets, to the life forms that live upon those planets, including every human, animal, plant, cell, and atom, ad infinitum. In a hologram there is no end! Every part contains the whole blueprint.

This is the same holographic principle as the universe of your biological body from which a single cell or a hair from your head can literally reveal the full identity of that individualized expression of God called YOU!

Are Twin Flames, Twin Souls, and Soul Mates the same thing?

Twin Flames, Twin Souls, and Soul Mates, though related and originating from the same Source, do not represent the same relationship.

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